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Why Mergers and Acquisitions Fail


It is no secret that potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex business agreements that take considerable time and analysis to bring to fruition.  The truth is plenty of M&A specialists invest dozens of hours in discussions pertaining to a potential merger or acquisition only for the deal to fall apart amidst negotiations.  Let’s take a look at why mergers and acquisitions sometimes fail. […]

Why Mergers and Acquisitions Fail2022-01-07T16:56:45-05:00

How to Structure a Buy-Sell Agreement for Your Practice


The language used in your financial advisory firm’s buy-sell agreement can make the difference between a transition that proves mutually beneficial to both parties or one that results in costly and frustrating litigation. If you are considering selling your practice, it is in your interest to lean on a proven consultant to prevent potential challenges that chew up your time, patience and money.  Our consultants have more than 80 years of combined industry experience helping financial advisory firms of all types and sizes. […]

How to Structure a Buy-Sell Agreement for Your Practice2021-11-16T15:07:07-05:00

Financial Advisor Non-Compete & Non-Soliciting Agreements


Non-compete and non-soliciting agreements contain complex legalese, and it’s important to understand the fine print and language of these clauses so you don’t get stuck in a contract you don’t want.  You might be tempted to gloss over important phrases, but be aware that these agreements may impact your future and your relationships with your clients.  If you are considering signing an agreement or have already signed an agreement, you should always seek legal counsel to best understand your rights and options. At Bridgemark, our financial advisor consultants have worked with hundreds of advisors over the years.  Many advisors have had some variations of these agreements and we are here to provide invaluable guidance. […]

Financial Advisor Non-Compete & Non-Soliciting Agreements2021-11-03T11:48:58-04:00

Valuing a Financial Advisor Practice


Selling a financial advisor practice is not a DIY endeavor.  The valuation process might not seem that complicated at first glance, but this challenge will chew up your time and energy.  You may choose to consult with an expert in order to get an accurate and fair value for your financial advisory firm.  Let’s take a quick look at the best approaches for calculating fair value for your firm. […]

Valuing a Financial Advisor Practice2021-10-26T08:41:46-04:00

RIA Succession Planning Tips


Franklin Templeton Investments recently conducted a study on succession planning that included 162 RIA leaders with AUMs ranging from $100 million to $5 billion. Less than one third of them have started the process to ensure a successful transition to retirement. More than half feel that won’t affect the pool of potential buyers when they’re ready. Financial professionals, relied upon by countless individuals and companies for sound financial planning, often fall short in that area when it comes to their own interests. Yes, the ratio of buyers to sellers is estimated at 50 to 1 right now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get maximum value for your book of business. Successful succession requires careful planning. Step #1: Establish a Timeline Choosing to sell your practice on a whim when a buyer appears is not fair to your clients. If you’re thinking about moving on, establish a set timeline to do it [...]

RIA Succession Planning Tips2021-10-05T09:05:16-04:00

How Will a Capital Gains Tax Hike Affect Red-Hot RIA M&A Market?


Many RIA sellers who were already contemplating an exit in the near- to mid-term are likely to see the handwriting on the wall and scramble to complete their sales before the tax increase takes effect. Read Full Article

How Will a Capital Gains Tax Hike Affect Red-Hot RIA M&A Market?2022-02-04T20:46:59-05:00

Why Work with a Financial Advisor Recruiting Consultant?


In the do-it-yourself world of wealth management, the concept of turning your future over to an outside entity is not easy to digest. Controlling one’s own fate is one of the primary reasons many advisors go into the profession—so why work with a financial advisor recruiting consultant when contemplating a change in venue? In today’s article, we’ll cover the advantages of asking for help. At Bridgemark Strategies, we are leading financial advisor recruiters and consultants serving Financial Advisors, RIAs, and Broker/Dealers nationwide. If you’re considering a transition, we can leverage our vast network and experience to help you discover and vet new firms so you can make the best choice for your needs. Contact Us Reason #1: Due Diligence is Time Consuming Let’s assume you’ve already made the decision to leave your firm. Now what? As a fiduciary, you have an obligation to continue servicing your clients to the best of [...]

Why Work with a Financial Advisor Recruiting Consultant?2021-10-06T15:45:05-04:00

Wirehouse vs Banks vs Independent RIA/Broker-Dealer: Which is Right for You?


Some industries offer clear career paths. You start with an entry-level position, move up the corporate ladder, advance to executive management if you’re qualified, and then retire with a nice pension or 401(k) plan. That is not the typical career path of a financial advisor. Financial advisors have multiple employment options, from the moment they enter the field until the time they either retire or sell their practice. During that journey, FAs sometimes choose to change their business model. In today’s article, we’ll consider the following career paths for advisors: Wirehouses Banks Independent RIAs Broker Dealers These are in no particular order, because every advisor situation is different. Choices are dictated by circumstances. As the advisory world evolves, certain business models may lose their allure. To ensure profitability and retain clients, you might need to make a move. We hope this guide helps you find the right fit for you. [...]

Wirehouse vs Banks vs Independent RIA/Broker-Dealer: Which is Right for You?2021-10-26T08:41:56-04:00

Comparing the Financials of Advisor Opportunities


Transitioning to a new firm has its share of challenges. Leaving the familiar to venture into the unknown is always difficult, so it’s best to do some homework prior to making a move. An analytical approach is recommended. When it comes to the financials of an opportunity, advisor payouts are important—but they are not the only factor to consider. In todays’ article, we’ve broken down some of the key financial factors that you should consider when comparing financial advisor opportunities. […]

Comparing the Financials of Advisor Opportunities2021-08-11T14:08:22-04:00

The Financial Advisor Career Path in 2021


The path to become a financial advisor is not for everyone. It’s a long journey that requires earning an undergraduate degree, getting some solid hands-on experience in the industry, passing a series of exams, and then potentially going on to more specialized education such as a CFP, which today is almost as important as the licensing exams. In today’s article, we’ll cover the basic steps of the financial advisor career path and what to focus on in 2021. […]

The Financial Advisor Career Path in 20212021-07-27T15:21:23-04:00
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