Financial Advisor Recruiting Trends in 2020


Competition for top talent is fierce in Financial Services. Stay abreast of the latest financial advisor recruiting trends so you can get the edge over the competition, whether you’re recruiting or looking for your next opportunity. […]

Financial Advisor Recruiting Trends in 20202020-11-16T13:00:04-05:00

OSJs That Aren’t Hybrid May See Growth Decline


The flexibility custodians provide advisors are forcing OSJs to explore starting their own RIA to remain competitive.  As OSJs look to add advisors, they need to provide more resources and flexibility to attract advisors and differentiate themselves.  Being a hybrid firm with their own RIA is becoming one of those differentiators for firms.   Read More

OSJs That Aren’t Hybrid May See Growth Decline2020-08-03T14:31:22-04:00

Private Equity Will Fuel Recruiting Growth for Rest of 2020


The need to recruit new advisors,  fueled by the insatiable appetites for growth of private equity firms who own BDs and RIAs as well as the short term focus of publicly traded companies is going to heat up the recruiting wars and money available for the rest of the year.   Read More

Private Equity Will Fuel Recruiting Growth for Rest of 20202020-08-03T14:22:40-04:00

During Coronavirus, Advisors Must Focus On Their Business Too.


There is an expression we all know, "the cobblers kids have no shoes".   The metaphor implies cobblers are too busy helping their clients instead of themselves.  This can often be true of advisors as we see statistics in the industry supporting that theory, such as majority of advisors that don't have a succession plan or are too busy to focus on their own business. This article highlights many of the things advisors should focus on and should use this time where they are home to do so. Read More

During Coronavirus, Advisors Must Focus On Their Business Too.2020-08-03T12:38:03-04:00

IBDs Are Using Super-OSJs to Infiltrate The RIA Space


Increasingly advisors are evaluating becoming their own RIA and the risks and rewards of doing so.  This trend has created a new segment of firms for advisors to evaluate.  Hybrid-Super-OSjs, these firms can provide the scale that includes more affordable compliance and technology as well as a multi-custodial platform which advisors are seeking.  Some of these solutions are even owned by the IBD where others just look to partner with IBDs.  Anyone evaluating their own RIA should also consider this group as they are rapidly gathering assets and scale. Read More

IBDs Are Using Super-OSJs to Infiltrate The RIA Space2019-05-01T10:11:24-04:00

Surging Up Front Recruiting Checks Carry Significant Risks For Advisors


The recruiting wars are here.  It was just a matter of time before it happened to the Independent BD and RIA space.  With so much money being invested by private equity firms into IBDs and RIAs, we were going to inevitably have recruiting wars that was going to drive up deal prices.  The one thing all of these institutional investors have in common is an insatiable thirst for growth.  Be careful not to get caught up in "the deal" and do your due diligence for the right fit. Read More

Surging Up Front Recruiting Checks Carry Significant Risks For Advisors2019-05-01T10:00:13-04:00

Why The Super-OSJ Model Is Far From Doomed – Financial Advisor Magazine


Super-OSJs are not only here to stay for the long term, but some of them may outlast the Broker-Dealers.  There is no arguing that these firms are also competing and some are struggling in a margin compressing environment, but like so many other industries, the strongest won't just survive, they will thrive. Read More

Why The Super-OSJ Model Is Far From Doomed – Financial Advisor Magazine2018-10-12T09:42:57-04:00

Institutional Alternatives vs “Institutional Quality” Alternatives


This is an article I wrote which was published in Barron's.  This article highlights some of the differences and risks associated with institutional alternative investments vs. alternative investments that market themselves as "institutional quality". Too often we rush through our due diligence based on a sales or marketing presentation.  Whether it is related to selecting the right investments for clients or evaluating a change of Broker/Dealer, these are important decisions and you should know the pros, cons and risks of that decision.   Reposted from    READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE   If you’re an advisor who is considering moving from one independent broker-dealer to another, here’s something you should consider: Different platforms often tout their retail alternative-investment products as “institutional quality,” when in fact they’re not. It’s an easy issue for transitioning advisors to overlook. But in doing so, they may ultimately create unwanted risk for their clients and themselves....

Institutional Alternatives vs “Institutional Quality” Alternatives2017-12-13T17:18:07-05:00

Not All Recruiters Are The Same


I wrote this article to highlight the differences for advisors between how consultants are different than recruiters.  In short, a consultant will focus on their clients’ needs, similar to a financial advisor - whereas a recruiter tends to focus more on closing the sale. Read this article to better understand the differences and pros and cons of each.   Reposted from Wealth    READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

Not All Recruiters Are The Same2017-12-13T17:18:08-05:00

Top Considerations for a New Broker/Dealer


Too often advisors don't ask some of the most critical questions when evaluating a new B/D.  Too many times advisors select a B/D based on a "feel" or someone else they know that has experience with the B/D.  Changing a B/D can be both time consuming and expensive and making a mistake can really hurt your business and risk losing clients. There are some basic tactics and questions that can help you make sure you are selecting the right B/D for your business. Below is a link pasted to an article published in FA that provides insight into some of the important questions you should ask a prospective new B/D.   Reposted from FA Magazine    READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

Top Considerations for a New Broker/Dealer2017-12-13T17:18:08-05:00
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