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How to Determine How Much Your Financial Advisor Business Is Worth


The process of determining the worth of any business is known as “valuation." And if you've built a financial advisor business, you ought to know how to determine how much your financial advisor business is worth. Business owners don’t just go through this process when they need to sell their business. They might determine their company’s value when securing new investors or even applying for business financing, but most importantly for many financial advisors, it may be a part of your estate and retirement planning as often the value of a financial advisor’s business may be one of their largest assets. Read on to learn more about evaluating your business' worth. If you have any other questions, remember to contact our team at Bridgemark Strategies for a complimentary consultation. Get Your Answers Compare Your Business to Others (Market Value) This method is less direct and requires some research on your part. [...]

How to Determine How Much Your Financial Advisor Business Is Worth2022-08-09T13:34:43-04:00

Is Becoming an RIA Right for You?


There was a time when financial advisors were reliant on the size of their Rolodex and how close they were to Wall Street to grow their business. However, the advent of technology, more high-net-worth clients seeking out personalized services, and increased transparency from a fiduciary have led to a new class of wealth management professionals called Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). […]

Is Becoming an RIA Right for You?2022-07-29T15:29:37-04:00

Savvy RIAs Leverage Fintech to Enhance the Client Experience


The most effective registered investment advisors (RIAs) have a knack for providing clients with timely advice that helps them bolster their financial health and protect essential assets. However, top-tier advisors can also take full advantage of emerging financial technologies, more commonly known as “fintech," to enhance the overall client experience. Fintech has forever changed the RIA industry and will continue to shape it in the coming years. If a registered investment advisor wants to be counted among the best in their field, then they must learn to leverage fintech. Benefits of Fintech for RIAs Here are the advantages of fintech: Improved Collaboration Fintech can improve every interaction between RIAs and their clients. Financial advisors can also use fintech to enhance the level of transparency with which they operate. Many fintech tools also have client-facing applications or interfaces that allow individuals to review their portfolio simply by opening a mobile app. These types [...]

Savvy RIAs Leverage Fintech to Enhance the Client Experience2022-06-24T10:25:21-04:00