The DOL’s Proposal Also Affects RIAs


The final version of the DOL's proposal is expected in the next 30 - 45 days.  It is expected to change the way advisors sell products in retirement accounts and decrease the commissions generated from those sales.  There are advisors that have spent years building a recurring revenue business utilizing investments that pay a trail commission and the DOL's proposal may force that business to change virtually overnight.   The solution, according to the DOL is to do more fee based business and RIAs are cheering as they believe they have the best business model for clients.  However, the DOL's proposal may also impact how RIAs service clients.  If you are your own RIA or considering forming your own RIA, then you will want to know how the DOL proposal may impact your business as well.   Reposted from Finacial Planning Magazine   READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

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Pending Regulatory Changes May Affect BD Landscape


"Independent BDs are facing a number of regulatory changes in the next 12-24 months.  The winning firms will be those that are best positioned to adapt."  Reposted from Investment While everyone seems focused on the DOL's proposal, it isn't likely going to be the only major change the industry has to deal with in the next few years.  Expect Dodd/Frank and Fiduciary Harmonization to begin to receive a lot of headlines on the heels of the DOL's proposal.   READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

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DOL Proposal Takes Next Step


The DOL's proposal has just taken the next step in becoming a reality.  Reposted from Think   The DOL filed with OMB late Thursday its rule to change the definition of fiduciary on retirement advice. As anticipated, the Department of Labor sent late Thursday its rule to redefine fiduciary on retirement advice to the Office of Management and Budget for its mandatory review.   READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

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“Regulatory Arbitrage”


The President of Fidelity's National Financial is quoted as saying there is a regulatory arbitrage for advisors that are going RIA.  Does anyone not think that Dodd/Frank may impact RIA compliance requirements in the future? Here is the Article:

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SEC audits 10% of RIAs


Interesting article in Investment News:  The SEC is becoming more vocal that they will need to start assessing fees to RIAs in order to keep up with audit requirements.  Anyone thinking about becoming an RIA should understand what the implications might mean to them.  

SEC audits 10% of RIAs2017-12-13T17:18:09-05:00
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