Financial Advisor Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experienced financial advisor merger and acquisition experts can help you determine if selling or merging a practice is right for you. We can also help you through the complicated M&A process to ensure your best interests are upheld. We work with financial advisors, RIAs, and broker/dealers to discover the best opportunities, maximize sale price, improve attractiveness to buyers, and navigate complex mergers. Get in touch today.

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The Next Big Step

A sale or merger is among the most significant events for any company. Whether you’re hoping to grow your business, restructure, or sell after years of hard work, you are facing a serious decision with much at stake. Our M&A consultants are here to walk you through the process. We can provide the guidance in evaluating the Feel, Fit and Financials of different buyers while upholding your best interests.

Selling Practices

Are you ready to sell your practice? We can help you understand your options, provide advice to improve valuation, and get you in touch with vetted buyers who are ready to make a deal.

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Merging Practices

Has your business plateaued? Are you finding it difficult to scale your business? Finding the right partner can help you drive efficiencies and growth. Let us help you. Leverage or network and research.

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Succession Planning

Are you thinking about launching your own RIA or joining an existing one? There are many questions that arise. Let us help you navigate your options to select the right path.

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How Can We Help?

Bridgemark delivers an end-to-end M&A solution for independent financial advisory businesses as well as small- to mid-sized independent broker/dealers and RIA firms. We provide a highly customized evaluation and search process to identify potential partners that create long-term value for all parties.

Discovery & Evaluation

Through our extensive network, we can help you identify and evaluate the best opportunities for your needs.

Deal Curation

Once we have narrowed down to the best opportunities, we can work on your behalf to curate and negotiate deals, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and over 80 years of collective experience.


Our financial advisor M&A experts can advise on buyer differentiation, pricing, transaction terms, market trends and more. We’ll serve as your dedicated partners throughout the entire process.

Project Management

Mergers and acquisitions can be emotional and time consuming. We’re here to help streamline the transaction process and ensure everything stays on track.

Let’s Get Started

Our financial advisor merger and acquisition consultants are ready to help you with the next phase of your business. Contact us today to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation.