One of the foremost experts.

“I have worked with Jeff for several years. Because of Jeff’s decades plus years of experience, and, his ability to keenly observe and discern, Jeff is, in my opinion one of the foremost experts of the broker dealer community. Jeff intimately knows the most major firms strengths and weaknesses. If he does not have the answer, he can obtain it from the extraordinary network of industry insiders he has developed and  nurtured over the years. Combined with his deep understanding of financial advisers, Jeff offers a unique set of skills and experience to counsel financial advisers regarding the best fit for them.”

Don P

Uncanny Talent

Extremely thorough, disciplined, and objective.

“Jeff’s process is extremely thorough, disciplined, and objective. He has an uncanny talent of being able to breakdown complex issues into simplistic unemotional components and from that foundation make complex strategic decisions.

Jeff possessed the legacy insider knowledge and strategic perspective I was looking for on the B/D side, and his knowledge base extended beyond the brokerage channel and therefore was able to add value as I worked through the holistic, fully-integrated wealth offering we were creating at the Bank.”

Anthony C


Helped me identify what I was looking for.

“Jeff was able to help me identify what I was looking for and which RIA best suited for me.

We had narrowed it down to four choices and through additional conversation went to two. Finally through addition discussion  he help me come to the conclusion which would be the best relationship for me. Jeff was truly helping me figure out what would be best for my clients, me and my family. Jeff was able to remove a large burden of research and time.”



Jeff has a deep knowledge of the industry.

“I was referred to Jeff Nash of Bridgemark Strategies by an industry colleague to help our firm evaluate custodial platform options.  Jeff has a deep knowledge of the industry and a vast network of industry and non-industry contacts that allows him to be incredibly effective in his approach to achieving results.  Jeff’s professionalism and ability to deliver on a tight timeline has led us to engage him in multiple capacities. He has expertise in running a custodial/broker dealer RFP process, evaluating M&A opportunities for both buyers and sellers, and leading strategic planning efforts. ”

Max W

Incredibly Engaged

Incredibly engaged from start to finish.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff and Bridgemark on several projects over the last few years. They separate themselves from their competition in many ways. He and his team are knowledgeable and collaborative. They are incredibly engaged from start to finish and go way beyond the typical introduction and hand off. I trust Jeff implicitly and Stratos will no doubt look forward to a long and productive partnership with his firm.”

CEO, Stratos Wealth Partners


Was invaluable in the process.

“Jeff helped me navigate through a successful broker dealer change and was invaluable in the process.  He has extensive knowledge of the industry, is well connected, and understands all the nuances associated with a broker dealer change.  He was extremely professional at all times and also very honest and forthright in all discussions.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone considering a broker dealer change.”

Ken S