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Financial Advisor Recruiters & Consultants

At Bridgemark Strategies, we are leading financial advisor recruiters and consultants serving Financial Advisors, RIAs, and Broker/Dealers nationwide. Whether you’re changing broker-dealers, starting or joining an RIA, or looking for M&A opportunities, we can leverage our vast network and experience to help you discover and vet new firms so you can make the best choice for your needs. Learn more below, and contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Your Partner Through Transition

We work with financial advisors and advisory teams to help you evaluate your next transition. Whether you’re changing broker-dealers, breaking away to start an RIA, or selling your business, we can help. No matter the transition you’re facing, you can count on our experienced financial advisor consultants to guide you through every step of the process with expertise, confidentiality, and exceptional service.

The Bridgemark Strategies Difference

Feel, Fit and Financials

We understand that the needs of each advisor are unique. By assessing the Feel, Fit, and Financials of various opportunities, we can help you find the best solution for your next step:

  • Feel. Do you like the people at the firm? Does it feel right? We’ll help you network and discover firms with people you can trust and enjoy working with.
  • Fit. Does the firm’s products and services align with your goals? We’ll dive into the details of the firm to ensure it fits with your business.
  • Financials. From payout to platform fees, production bonuses, client fees, and more, we can help you assess financial implications on every level and even assist with negotiating final terms.

Financial Advisor Recruiting

As a successful advisor, scores of firms will compete for your business. How do you distinguish? How do you avoid mistakes? How do you negotiate your deal? Our experienced recruiters will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, so we can present you with a curated list of opportunities from nearly 200 firms researched. Save time and find the right match.

Broker/Dealer Search

Settling for the status quo or remaining at a firm that is limiting your success can be fixed. Let us help you realize your full potential.

RIA Search

Are you thinking about launching your own RIA or joining an existing one? There are many questions that arise. Let us help you navigate your options to select the right path.

M&A Services

We deliver M&A solutions for financial advisors, independent financial advisory businesses, RIAs and small- to mid-sized independent Broker/Dealers. Leverage our vast network, knowledge and experience closing deals.

Selling Practices

Are you ready to sell your practice? We can help you understand your options, provide advice to improve valuation, and get you in touch with vetted buyers who are ready to make a deal.

Buying Practices

For every advisor looking to sell, there are even more advisors interested in buying. The competition has never been greater. Let us help you identify and land the best acquisition opportunities for you.

Succession Planning

Are you thinking about launching your own RIA or joining an existing one? There are many questions that arise. Let us help you navigate your options to select the right path.

Consulting & Coaching Services

Bridgemark Strategies financial advisor consultants work with C-Suite professionals who are interested in growing their firms through recruiting or acquisitions. From competitive analysis and assessments to marketing, recruiting evaluation, and more, we’ll help you chart a course to meet your objectives.

Why Choose Us?

From changing Broker/Dealers or starting an RIA to building and executing a succession plan, merger or sale, Bridgemark’s experienced recruiters and consultants provide comprehensive strategies, solutions, and guidance with our proprietary process: Feel, Fit, and Financials. Here are just a few reasons to choose us as your preferred financial advisor recruiters.

  • Deep industry knowledge

  • Extensive network of Broker/Dealers, RIAs and financial services firms

  • 80+ years of experience

  • Committed to understanding your needs and goals

  • Personalized coaching and consulting

  • Informative, confidential, and trustworthy

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Client Feedback

One of the foremost experts.

“I have worked with Jeff for several years. Because of Jeff’s decades plus years of experience, and, his ability to keenly observe and discern, Jeff is, in my opinion one of the foremost experts of the broker dealer community. Jeff intimately knows the most major firm’s strengths and weaknesses. If he does not have the answer, he can obtain it from the extraordinary network of industry insiders he has developed and  nurtured over the years. Combined with his deep understanding of financial advisers, Jeff offers a unique set of skills and experience to counsel financial advisers regarding the best fit for them.”

Don P

Incredibly engaged from start to finish.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff and Bridgemark on several projects over the last few years. They separate themselves from their competition in many ways. He and his team are knowledgeable and collaborative. They are incredibly engaged from start to finish and go way beyond the typical introduction and hand off. I trust Jeff implicitly and Stratos will no doubt look forward to a long and productive partnership with his firm.”

CEO, Stratos Wealth Partners

Jeff Nash and his firm proved to be invaluable.

“As an advisor who had thought long about succession planning and the importance of continuity for our practice, Jeff Nash and his firm proved invaluable to not only our practice but ultimately our lives, personally.  Jeff found, managed, and guided us through an acquisition of our practice, that without his guiding hand, likely would not have happened. He is clearly qualified and knowledgeable of our profession and great at what he does.  More importantly, his many years of experience have made him intuitive and consultative in ways that made all of the difference to us and resulted in a successful transition.  Throughout the entire process, he was also endlessly responsive, helpful, and supportive in ways that allows me to call him my friend.”


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