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There are 50 buyers for every seller.  There are hundreds of different Broker/Dealers or RIAs to choose from.  What do advisors think of your firm? How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?  What are your unique strengths?  Do you offer the core deliverables advisors are looking for?  Are you keeping track of the most recent trends and capabilities that will separate you from the rest?

Are you not getting enough recruiting or acquisition opportunities and not winning enough of the ones you get?

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At Bridgemark Strategies we work with advisors to help them find the right firm or solution for their transitioning needs.  As a part of our research we have talked to over 100 different solutions including Independent broker-dealers, Employee broker-dealers, RIAs, OSJs, Custodians, Aggregators, etc. to be able to understand their differentiation, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Bridgemark Strategies’ Consulting Service is designed to work with C-Suite professionals who are interested in growing their firm through recruiting or acquisitions and want to ensure they have the right people, process and value proposition to accomplish their goals.  Our services available include:

  • Evaluation of your differentiation and competitiveness
  • Ideation and thought leadership to increase your attractiveness to prospects
  • Developing new or improved messaging around recruiting
  • Working with your Marketing team to enhance recruiting deliverables
  • Recruiter evaluation
  • Recruiting structure evaluation
  • Recruiting process evaluation
  • Recruiter coaching and development
  • Ongoing C-Suite consulting on recruiting and acquisition goals

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