Financial Advisor Coaching & Consulting

At Bridgemark Strategies, we provide expert financial advisor coaching and consulting services, by working closely with advisors to help them find the right firm or solution. We have researched over 200 different firms, including independent broker-dealers, employee broker-dealers, RIAs, OSJs, custodians, aggregators, and more. Contact us today for assistance with finding the right fit.

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Stand Out from the Competition

There are 50 buyers for every seller and hundreds of different Broker/Dealers or RIAs to choose from. What do advisors think of your firm? How do you differentiate your firm from your competitors? What are your unique strengths? Do you offer the core deliverables advisors are looking for? Are you keeping track of the most recent trends and capabilities that will set you apart?

Let us help you find the answers to these questions and communicate that to prospective opportunities in the most effective way possible.

Our Services

Bridgemark Strategies’ financial advisor consulting service is designed to work with C-Suite professionals who are interested in growing their firm through recruiting or acquisitions and want to ensure they have the right people, process and value proposition to accomplish their goals.

Evaluation of your differentiation and competitiveness

Ideation and thought leadership to increase your attractiveness to prospects

Developing new or improved messaging around recruiting

Working with your Marketing team to enhance recruiting deliverables

Recruiter evaluation

Recruiting structure evaluation

Recruiting process evaluation

Recruiter coaching and development

Ongoing C-Suite consulting on recruiting and acquisition goals

Our consulting team begins every new relationship with an evaluation of your firm and what differentiates you from competitors. This analysis helps us determine how to best assist your firm with growth, recruiting, and M&A strategies.

Attracting high-level talent in financial services requires targeted messaging and positioning as a thought leader in the industry. Our team can advise on the generation, development, and communication of new ideas using multi-media channels and industry best practices.

Financial advisors and wealth management firms are approached every day with offers of employment and proposed partnerships. We can help you create new and improved messaging that sets you apart, keeping your firm top of mind for the best candidates.

It’s all just conversation until you produce a deliverable. Even the best marketing teams struggle with this when working on recruiting packages for financial advisors. Our team has experience and a track record of success in this area.

They say everyone in the business world should have both a mentor and a protegee. With over 80 years of collective experience and more than 200 firms researched, our financial advisor consulting team can provide recruiter evaluations and a mentoring strategy to help your recruiting team succeed.

How is your recruiting structured? We will review your recruiting strategies and lead sources. Who are you targeting? What exactly are you looking for? Many firms use a blanket approach that doesn’t work. We can share our experience and knowledge of effective techniques to connect you directly to ideal candidates.

What do you do when your targeting is on point, but your efforts don’t seem to be paying off? This is usually a process question. Our consultants will evaluate your current recruiting processes and improve or rebuild them into something that works.

Professional athletes and sales executives have coaches. Recruiters should too. Our consulting service includes comprehensive training and coaching for recruiters, along with a development program that you can utilize to grow the next generation.

C-suite executives are always looking for knowledgeable input provided by experienced consultants. Here at Bridgemark Strategies, our consulting team is made up of seasoned financial professionals who understand the practice management challenges you face.

Once you’re on board with us, we become a consistent source for coaching and business development, whether that be through improving your current recruiting and growth strategies or providing guidance on merger and acquisition strategies.

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Contact Bridgemark Strategies today to learn more about our financial advisor coaching and consulting services. We look forward to working with you.