Buying an RIA: Essential Tips & Strategies


One of the proven ways to increase revenue and scale your existing advisory practice is to acquire or merge with another firm. Mergers are also a solution to gain instant scale by aligning with a larger firm. Whatever your reasons, there is a process to buying an RIA. It’s not something that you should venture into without first doing your homework. In this article, we’ve laid out some helpful tips and strategies to help you successfully complete an acquisition. […]

Buying an RIA: Essential Tips & Strategies2021-01-12T15:11:44-05:00

Best Practices for Recruiting Experienced Financial Advisors


Conservative estimates predict that over fifty percent of active financial advisors will retire in the next ten years. Meanwhile, less than five percent of advisors are under thirty years old, with fewer and fewer young people entering the field every year. What does all of that mean for recruiting? It’s a seller’s market for experienced financial advisors. Your firm will need to have a solid value proposition and attractive compensation package if you want to have any chance of landing a new partner or associate. Let’s take a look at the best practices for recruiting experienced financial advisors, so you can attract top talent. […]

Best Practices for Recruiting Experienced Financial Advisors2021-01-05T14:58:09-05:00

Negotiating Financial Advisor Recruiting Packages & Bonuses


January is one of the busier recruiting months of the year, so December is a good time to evaluate your next move. Is the allure of independence drawing you toward the RIA path or are you looking at Broker/Dealer compensation packages? In either case, negotiating financial advisor packages and bonuses is crucial. Here’s what you need to know. Bridgemark Strategies is a leading financial advisor recruiting and consulting firm. Contact us today for help discovering and vetting new firms so you can make the best choice for your needs. […]

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RIA vs Broker/Dealer: Pros & Cons for Advisors


RIAs are free to charge their own fees and manage money as they see fit. Broker/Dealer representatives are bound by the rules of their employer or Broker/Dealer, but they have a wider variety of financial products to offer to their clients. Which of these is the right choice for you? In this article, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of RIAs and Broker/Dealers for advisors. We’ve also included a section on independent broker dealers (IBDs), an increasingly popular choice that offers a combination of both worlds. With 2021 on the horizon, this is a good time to review your options.  […]

RIA vs Broker/Dealer: Pros & Cons for Advisors2020-12-01T14:01:23-05:00

Third Party Exams Are Looming for RIAs


For the last several years we have repeatedly heard about successful advisors leaving their Broker/Dealer and "breaking away" to become an RIA.  There are many different and personal reasons advisors choose to break away.  However, there are two benefits that have been applicable to just about everyone.  The first has been a higher payout than working through a B/D and the second has been less compliance headaches (and oversight).  Both of those new seem to be changing. The DOL's rules begin phasing in next April and has been dominating the press.  While there are clearly aspects of the DOL that will impact RIAs, for the most part it requires more significant changes for B/Ds.  As I have mentioned in the past, on the heels of the DOL will be other sweeping changes initiated by the SEC.  These requirements will likely have a much greater impact on RIAs compared to previous rules and will [...]

Third Party Exams Are Looming for RIAs2017-12-13T17:18:08-05:00
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