Finding the optimal consultant for the sale or movement of your business should not feel like mission impossible.  Finding the right advisor takes research and time. We’ll go in-depth about what characteristics your advisor should have, how to choose the right consulting firm, and more, so you’re better prepared when selling or moving your business.  But don’t feel like you have to do this alone.  The consultants at Bridgemark Strategies are here to help you every step of the way.

Recognize the Need for Professional Guidance

You have invested years or even decades of your professional career building your business.  Now is not the time to rush, cut corners, or attempt a DIY if you’re considering selling or moving your business. Instead of making the mistake of discussing your business’s upcoming movement with colleagues and other peers who might be inclined to spill the beans or not have the most current market information available, conduct due diligence on potential consultants who can represent your interests.  The potential solution you select is often unknown to you prior to your search.  Use this as an opportunity to take your time and find the best solutions with the assistance of a consultant.

Select an Advisor who Provides Meaningful Value

Recognizing the importance of leaning on an advisor for assistance is an important first step to maximizing the value of your enterprise.  The challenge lies in pinpointing the optimal advisor to guide the process.

Many advisors list consulting as one of their services, but it’s up to you to decide if they will provide you with meaningful consultations.  Some professionals have the experience and skills necessary to provide consulting services with merit while others don’t have the experience or motivation to provide the same level of service.

Don’t move forward with a firm that has not proven its ability to provide meaningful consulting work.  You need and deserve direct, consistent, and ongoing support from your advisor starting from the moment you indicate you are considering a change, all the way through the offer review process to negotiations, the closing, and beyond.

Your consultant’s guidance should not come to an abrupt end the moment you say yes to the deal.  The best in the business are available well beyond the point of closing and can be a meaningful resource into the future.

Don’t choose an advisor whose primary value is merely providing introductions on your behalf and finding potential suitors.  Finding the right firm, navigating the process, and negotiating are of the utmost importance.  Opt for an advisor who provides truly comprehensive service and you’ll move forward in full confidence.

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