The Right Stuff: How Wealthtech Can Amp Up a Firm’s Value Proposition With Recruits

by Jeff Nash, Founder & CEO, Bridgemark Strategies

August 1, 2023

When it comes to winning the battle for the best advisors, technology plays a critical role. Constant innovation, including the growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI), only adds to the complexities for firms intent on creating a tech offering that will resonate with high-producing advisors and teams – during the transition process and beyond. Fortunately, the plethora of wealthtech and regtech solutions ease onboarding and offer scale and support to advisors after they’ve made the move. Indeed, the sheer volume of options can be considered a challenge!

What technologies add gravitas to a firm’s value proposition? Well, that depends on the goals of the advisor and the firm. Solutions that facilitate a seamless transition, offer plug-and-play capabilities, create ongoing efficiencies, deliver comprehensive compliance solutions, elevate the client experience and automate mundane tasks are sure to be on every advisor’s wish list.

But what about the firms? It’s a tall order for even the most innovative of firms – both RIA and IBD alike – to deliver this kind of tech stack, particularly as the solutions evolve and improve with each iteration.

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